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The Need: Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth is a new enrollee who lives alone, like nearly a quarter of older adults in Chesapeake. With her mobility issues, cooking is difficult. When she first called us, she shared that she has a hard time getting to the store, since she lives in a food desert and can no longer drive. And lately it’s been hard for her to afford groceries. She shops flyer sales and manager specials to get by. But these days the specials are sold out or just not cheap enough. “I have to scrabble for deals and have to settle for discounted meats and dairy, which isn’t always the healthiest of options.” Like the rest of us, Elizabeth has experienced rapid and sustained inflation resulting in higher prices at checkout. And like 11% of her senior neighbors in Chesapeake and 30% of MOWC participants, Elizabeth survives on a fixed income of less than $1,215/month.

On her first day receiving meals, Elizabeth called us in tears. She was relieved to have a hot, wholesome lunch of meatloaf, garlic mashed potatoes, sauteed cabbage, and a roll to sit down to, with a second meal to put in her fridge for dinner. She said, “Today I didn’t look in my pantry to see what was in there that would make a meal.”

We checked in with Elizabeth recently, and are pleased to report that she is doing well: “The delivery volunteers are bright, courteous, and cheerful. They always brighten my day. Being a diabetic, my meals are always catered to me and provide the nutrition I need, on top of being delicious. My blood pressure and sugar are down, thanks to the healthy meals.”

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Ways to Donate

Become a Monthly Sustainer

Donate nutritious meals each month for seniors like Elizabeth. Your monthly donation regularly provides nutrition, safety, and connection for older and disabled adults. It's an easy way to keep the meals coming through times of uncertainty and high food costs. Your monthly donation is reliable support that allows us to put our focus on serving Elizabeth and neighbors like her.


Support PAWS

Isolation compounds age-related trauma and is as deadly as obesity and smoking. So as part of our service model, we also provide social connection programming. This includes Pets Assisting the Wellbeing of Seniors (PAWS), which requires donations to provide monthly deliveries of pet food and supplies, as well as mobile veterinary care through Golden Paws House Calls. 65% of our pet families live in low-income households, and pets typically have not seen a veterinarian for two years or more before enrollment.


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Sponsor Meals

Every month, we have participants that can’t afford to pay for their meals due to emergencies, hospitalization, or financial hardship. Your meal sponsorship donation is applied directly to their accounts, taking one less thing off their plate while keeping their plates and bellies full.


Support Social Programs

Many participants do not have anyone to celebrate their birthdays with, so we send birthday gifts to all participants as part of our social connection programming. We also visit hospitalized participants, who receive a handmade lap quilt and Feel Better bags with word puzzles and toiletries.



Our Wish List

Choose donations from our Amazon Wish List here for social programming needs, including birthday gifts, hospital visits, and pet food/supplies.


Or designate a monetary donation to social connection programming here.


Our Gift Acceptance Policy

Success Stories

Each volunteer that I have met brings a smile and joy along with the food.


The folks who deliver my meals are all fantastic. Really fine lovely people. One stands out extra: my Thursday person. She brings my trash can to the door if the truck has picked up my trash.


Meals on Wheels has impacted our life; eating nutritious meals has made us have good health. Being diabetic, my blood sugar is in the good range.


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